Turkey’s President remembers Manzikert battle

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Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, visited Armenia last month and reminded everyone about the battle of August, 1071. The reminder was during a big celebration in Turkey. A victory monument was erected and the President attended. This was the Manzikert Battle fought by the Muslims who then took over the Christian lands of the town of Malazgirt. This was the battle that launched Muslim control of western lands.


The Manzikert Battle was fought in 1071. This was the time of the Turks, who under the leadership of King Alp Arslan destroyed the Byzantine army. It wasn't a clear winner here at first considering the Turkish army only had about 15,000 men and the other army was twice as large as the Turks. This war saw the Ottomans taking over Constantinople which was the capital of Byzantine at that time. That was the war that started it all and the Turkish Empire spread to areas of the Mediterranean and the Indian subcontinent.


The almost 1000-year battle was spoken of by the President in a bid to invoke nationalists and garner new supporters for his regime in the next election. He spoke about the coup and reminded the Turkish nationalists about the soldiers posing as normal people with branded bodies.


President Erdogan is a staunch Muslim and has criticized others for forgetting the Manzikert Battle. Lately he has been following similar rituals and celebrations, such as fireworks and laser shows to celebrate this battle. The event was planned for nearly a month and the President emphasized how important these activities were this year.


In his speeches, he proudly talked about Islam and Turkish flags going together hand-in-hand, side-by-side for glory and honor. He reminded his people of how the ancestors wrote history! 

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