Tunisian security forces kill Libyan militants

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At least, 28 Libyan militants were killed by Tunisian security forces during a raid in the Tunisian Town of Ben Guerdan near the Libyan border. The militants attacked the army and police station killing at least 50 people, seven civilians and nine members of the security force.

A popular holiday destination for locals and foreign tourists and the beach resort town of Djerba is now closed by the authorities. A curfew was imposed and the entrance to the two borders crossings with Libya was closed after the attack as a safety measure.

Since 2011, after the death of Muammar Gaddafi, Libya has been in chaos and the Tunisian population has suffered threats and faced terrorist attacks in the country as well at the border. Militants who had been trained in a camp in Libya attacked Tunisia twice last year killing foreigners in the country.

Tunisia has many people leaving the country to join the terrorist group in Syria, Iraq, and Libya. Tunisian militants play a leading role in the Libyan terrorist camp. The army has been fighting with the local militants for over a year.

Tunisian military forces are on high alert as the U.S. forces performed airstrikes. The Tunisian military and security border forces are trained by western military advisers and are forced to protect themselves with the help of surveillance cameras and drones. The authorities built trenches and barriers so that militants cannot cross the borders and enter the country.

The militants claim that they are solely responsible for the attacks carried out in the country.

Militant gunmen trained in the Libyan militant camp carried out a major attack targeting the foreign tourists in the Tunis Bardo Museum and the Sousse Beach Hotel last year.

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