Trump has not Decided to Accept Mexico’s Help for Hurricane Disaster

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Hurricane Harvey is the latest disaster to hit the American mainland in Eastern Texas leaving in its wake, thousands of Texans displaced. Mexico, being the good neighbor to the US, offered to give aid to the victims, but Trump has yet to accept the help. One of Trump’s campaign agendas was to build a wall on the US-Mexico border, and his stance was that Mexico was to pay for the wall.

Mexico’s Offer

Any assistance from the Mexico government could put Trump in a tough spot given his hard stance on the border issue. However, the offer from the Mexican government has yet to confirm the form in which they wish to provide aid. The message from the Mexican government is that neighbors help neighbors in times of disaster. The offer came after Trump took to Twitter again to insist that he will find a way for Mexico to pay for the building of the wall on the border. Trump regards Mexico as being one of the highest crime nations in the world, and that he must prevent the crime from spilling over into the US.

Mexico’s response to Trump’s tweet was that the Mexican government would not pay for a wall or any physical barrier to be put up on the border, no matter the circumstances. According to the Whitehouse, any disaster assistance from Mexico will be coordinated through the Federal Emergency Management Agency to determine the best way forward.

Hurricane Harvey has deposited over 50 inches of rain in Houston in a span of four days and as much as a third of the city is flooded. Mexico, in their press briefing, said they are ready to repeat the kind offer of aid following the havoc caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

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