Syrian government bombs Aleppo

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The conflict between forces of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad seemed to be close to a point of agreement. However, all this has apparently been shattered after the Syrian government’s attack on Aleppo. Dramatic scenes of the aftermath seem to suggest that the war, which started as an anti-government protest in 2011, has raged into something so much more complex.

The government has started a series of bombardments in the city of Aleppo, specifically on sites where rebels might operate. The truth is that the city was actually excluded from an agreed ceasefire between both parts.  This agreement between government and rebels was brokered by Russia and United States.

Last Saturday, at least five people were killed due to an air strike against rebel bases in the divided city of Aleppo.  Twenty-four hours after that, 22 civilians were killed with at least 80 injured after an attack on the government side of Aleppo. 

The Friday before that, forces that included rocketry and artillery attributed to al-Assad hit a medical center and other rebel-controlled parts of the city. A fierce battle has taken place in the city killing civilians in the process.

The United States has demanded that President al-Assad stop the bombings on Aleppo and push for a national cease fire. Russia has expressed their intentions of not bombing their ally regarding these attacks that have caused many civilian casualties. John Kerry, US Secretary of State, has traveled to Geneva to hold urgent talks about Syria. He made it very clear that Washington never conceded to exclude Aleppo from the peace talks nor are they backing the attacks on civilians.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, at least 246 have been killed since April 22 as a result of bombing from both sides of the city. 

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