Spain wants shared sovereignty over Gibraltar

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With “Brexit”, the recent intentions of Britain to leave the European Union, the scape of Europe has changed dramatically. These talks and decisions about what it means to exit the UE highlight many things that aren’t immediately obvious. One of these, is the British territory of Gibraltar.

Throughout history Gibraltar has been an area of conflict between the UK and Spain, with Spain asserting its claim to the area. Complicating the issue, Gibraltar shares borders with Spain with the two heavily sharing trade relations and trade interests, something reinforced in the European Union. However, the area receives heavy military assistance (including bases) from the United Kingdom. With the sudden vote for the UK to leave the European Union, Spain has called for joint sovereignty. This decision has brought back to the surface the tensions of the territory, as talks return to the table for a change to levels of control for each nation.

Many countries around the world will be trying to understand the implication of this split from the European Union. In fact, the reaction to the decision to allow these talks alone was a mixture of confusion and surprise. With the outcry in favor and against the issue, and the result of the vote, the world is watching the UK scramble to prepare for the preparations for the actual exit. David Cameron, the Prime Minister of Britain, has now announced his resignation following the vote. Britain is left heavily scrutinized with a leader stepping down, but the aftermath has stretched far beyond this. The rest of the world continues to try and predict the outcome.


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