Saudi Arabia Executes Shiite Cleric in January and Incites Outrage

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After announcing that it has executed 47 individuals in just one day, which include Nimr al-Nimr, a nonconformist Shiite cleric who has been very vocal about his protests against the royal family and the Saudi government, Saudi Arabia has stimulated outrage in various groups.

Iran even demanded Saudi Arabia's ambassador in its capital city, Tehran, to denounce the execution. Various nations dominated by Shiites have expressed their complaints regarding the execution and even stated warnings that Saudi Arabia will have a great deal of regret for having such policies.

Even the United States expressed its disappointment about the executions. In an interview, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hossein Jaberi said that punishing an individual such as Sheikh Nimr, who was only conveying his political and religious beliefs, demonstrates irresponsibility.

A number of Iranian protesters gathered outside the Saudi embassy in Tehran with portraits of Nimr al-Nirm. The protesters demonstrated their anger through confrontation with the riot police, which according to Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir, only made Iran even more detached from their country. The protesters executed their distress boldly and even tossed homemade firebombs at the embassy. Some were able to get inside the establishment and set fire while the others ransacked important documents.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has expressed its condemnation to what has transpired and discarded detestable statements from different entities.  The Kingdom finds the protesters’ attack as a truly outrageous transgression in internal affairs rules.

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