ISIS spreading among refugees

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A U.S. Air Force General and NATO’s supreme commander in Europe has accused the Syrian President and Russia of conducting airstrikes on Syria, killing 1400 civilians from 2015.


The U.S Air force General also stated that ISIS members hiding among the refugees are spreading like cancer amongst them. It is believed that more than one million migrants and refugees have entered Europe since 2015. Further reports state as many as 130,000 have entered Europe in 2016.


The U.S. Air Force General stated that militants take undue advantage of the situation and threaten European nations. Many countries have reported that the terrorists plan to carry out attacks. They not only intend to attack the European countries, but also plan to attack the United States as well. Every activity of the refugees needs to be watched over in order to avoid any further harm to any country where they have found shelter.


Human Rights Activists state that only few of the refugees sympathise with the militant group.

Many Christian churches in the U.S want to help the refugees, but fear taking the risk.

However, 44% of the church congregations are fearful, while 27% have already involved themselves in helping the refugees.


According to the World Relief Report, there are around 20 million refugees in the world, out of which, 4 million are from Syria. There has been debate among American and European politicians and organizations about how big a risk it is to allow the refugees asylum.


There have been reports of terrorists arrested while trying to enter different European countries as a refugee and eight suspected terrorists arrested in Turkey posing as Syrians as well.


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