ISIS forced out of Palmyra

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The ancient city of Palmyra is "like a city of ghosts" after Syrian government forces drove Isis militants from the strategic stronghold. The Syrian Army bore down on Palmyra on Thursday from 3 directions, protecting roads and also getting rid of mines in advance of a major push. They were successful in regaining the city, which had been taken over by ISIS. One report stated. "It's not totally clear, but it's understood Isis forced the citizens from the community and sent them out of the city with only what they could carry. Syrian federal government forces retook "full control" of the city by Sunday, noting the greatest defeat Isis has suffered so far. Syrian troops were aided by Lebanese Hezbollah militiamen, backed by Russian air campaign. Syrian state media stated that the military is not stopping at reclaiming Palmyra and protecting the historical sites that have not already been destroyed by ISIS militants, but have set their sights on Raqqa. Syrian troops and allied militia backed by Russian air-strikes have been on the offensive for virtually three weeks in an attempt to take back the main community. Syrian forces state they will certainly utilize Palmyra as a base to "expand procedures" against ISIS. A drone strike near Raqqa killed Abu al-Haija, a Tunisian leader. ISIA has since detained 35 of its militants believed of having actually revealed Haija's area.




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