Greece Tries to Accommodate 150,000 refugees

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There are millions of people  migrating from their home countries to the other places. The reason behind this exodus is the wars waging in different countries and people becoming desperate to find safety. These people are not only migrating because of the war conditions, they are also migrating because of severe poverty. According to United Nations, the number of refugees is increasing every year. The estimated number of refugees is double this year as compared to the previous year.

Greece is trying to provide shelter and food to almost 150,000 refugees and this migration phenomenon is new to the country. However the situation is becoming desperate as Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is reported to have said, "it must be perfectly clear that the immediate start of a reliable process of relocation of refugees from our country to other countries of the European Union is a matter of complete urgency."

Greece is trying to accommodate entire families including children, women, and the elderly. Greece has provided official camps with tents for the refugees. The hundreds that arrive daily is overwhelming the government in its efforts to make provisions for them. Many local Greeks arrive at the camps with clothes and food. Greek authorities are attempting to discourage more refugees from coming to the Macedonian border and have been allowing only those persons to cross the border into Greece who can prove they have escaped a city or town that has been actually bombed or invaded by waring factions. 

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