Why women are angry with Trump’s opinions

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Donald Trump has based his campaign in terms of racism and sore words against women and what they represent. His misogyny seems to surface in his speeches and this has not been received well by women. Trump went from being outsider to becoming controversial and spewing his opinions without any apparent type of filter.

He started off with his June 16 introduction speech where he spoke against immigrants and offered to build a great wall at the USA-Mexican border.  As of two months ago, in a series of tweets, Trump went on a sort of war against women.  These tweets came at the time when the world was still shocked by the events in Brussels. Here Trump threatened with “spilling the beans” on Ted Cruz’s wife.

During the same month, less than a week later, after losing the Utah caucuses 69% to 14% against his opponent Ted Cruz, Trump went on to attack Jeb Bush’s wife. “Jeb Bush has to like Mexican illegals because of his wife." During a debate, Jeb Bush confronted him and demanded an apology to which Trump refused.

Some say that Trump, when retaliating due to an attack against his own wife and Cruz was merely defending his wife. Others believe that Trump’s strategy on objectifying and demeaning a woman to defend his own is not the attitude of a gentleman.

Trump has a well-known history of insulting women.  Names inflicted on them by Trump include fat pigs, disgusting, and bimbos, as well as comments such as dropping to their knees and having a nice piece of a** on his arm. 

In March this year, Trump really took on the rage of women after making some abortion comments. Trump told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews that women who illegally end their pregnancies should face “some sort of punishment”.  This was taken by pro-choice women activists as placing him in the anti-choice sector that believes, not only that abortion should be illegal, but that women themselves should be punished. This diplomatic speech is considered dishonest in a country where women have already been imprisoned for practicing illegal abortions.    



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