Super Tuesday Witnesses Clinton and Trump Victories by Landslide

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Super Tuesday signaled a clear sunshine for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. They are the winners of the first large vote for the race toward their respective party nomination. Sen. Cruz also claimed his electability appearing as Trump’s true rival. Super Tuesday largely disappointed Bernie Sanders and Marco Rubio. With declining hope, Marco Rubio disappointed the Republican establishment who clearly supported him in public and in private.  The continuous domination of Trump literally terrifies the Republican establishment. House Speaker Paul Ryan called him out later on for his apparent reluctance to denounce David Duke who vehemently endorsed Trump. 

The comparatively younger voters who endorsed Bernie Sanders and his promise of a political revolution had a great blow on Super Tuesday. Hillary won seven of the eleven states by pocketing 672 pledged delegates. With 458 super delegates, Hillary’s total delegate counts 1130. Bernie Sanders had a rather upsetting number delegates. In spite of winning 4 states, Sanders had only 477 pledged delegates and 22 super delegates with a total 499 delegates. Hillary Clinton spoke bigheartedly of Sanders in her victory speech.  Mrs. Clinton says, “I congratulate Sen. Sanders on his strong showing and campaigning.” She aimed at her upcoming election foe- “The stakes in this election have never been higher," said Clinton, “and the rhetoric we're hearing on the other side has never been lower. Trying to divide America between us and them is wrong, and we're not going to let it work.”

Donald Trump won seven of the states holding primaries, including Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Alabama, Arkansas, Massachusetts and Vermont. Mr. Trump claimed himself to be the unifier after his victory by a landslide on Super Tuesday. Ted Cruz thanked God after wining some states and proving him as the only rival Donald Trump has. He said, “Thank God for the Lone Star State.”  He demanded that the other GOP candidates should “prayerfully consider” abandoning their candidacy and unite behind him to stop Donald Trump. Marco Rubio won one state and yet he will apparently continue his campaign until he finds the response of his home state.

Super Tuesday undeniably established Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as the potential candidates for the upcoming United States presidential election. But they still have a long way to walk. Things in politics change too quickly.

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