Some Think Aung San Suu Kyi’s Nobel Peace Prize should be Revoked

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The recent course of action taken by Aung San Kyi seems to amaze many. The powerful leader is the de facto head of Myanmar. For an extended period, she was full of vigor and willpower towards attaining freedom for her country and its people. Despite unsuccessful liberty efforts, the people of Myanmar are still full of hope regarding this powerful leader's bold steps towards liberty.

Kyi was in detention for many years resulting from the profound domination by Myanmar's armed forces to limit her democratic stance and influence. She received the Laureate Nobel Peace Prize in 1991, then again in 2010 after her release from detention and again in 2015 after winning the general vote. Despite this, some people now think that Kyi's Nobel Peace Prize needs to be withdrawn.

Due to the handling of the Rohingya population, the Muslim minority in Myanmar is repulsed. The UN says that Kyi's appointment was to symbolize change yet the model in which she has presented is ugly. They say that she has not instigated any difference in policy since the Rohingya are still described as the world's most discriminated minority.

The Convention Board of Prevention and Punishment of Genocide talks about five steps whereby if a leader executes a policy that, in part or wholly, is intended to devastate a state, sacred, ethnic or tribal set, this amounts to genocide. The Convention, therefore, says that since Kyi became the facto leader, four of these steps have boldly and consistently been practiced by the Myanmar's military group.

Reports indicate that women and girls' rape cases still increase in Myanmar. Some young girls have been reported as dead resulting from sexual harassment. Reports are also given of murders in front of their family members, with others have been locked in their houses and burned alive. The people say that Kyi has failed to implement effective control over Myanmar's military that holds great power over the state. Henceforth, they are calling for the withdrawal of Kyi’s Laureate Nobel Peace Prize.

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