Michigan Primary is Predicted to Mark Another Hillary-Trump Victory

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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are expected to continue their winning streak in the Michigan primary on Tuesday, March 8. Most of the polls predict that Trump will win by a considerable margin for the Republican party, just as they predict for Hillary Clinton for the Democratic party. In a poll conducted on Sunday before the start of their CNN debate in Flint, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton opened up a huge lead over Vermont U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders among Democratic Party Presidential Primary voters in Michigan. There are only 6% undecided voters; Clinton leads Sanders 66%-29%, up from 55%-37% on Thursday night.

According to Monmouth University poll, Donald Trump currently has more support than any other GOP candidates in Michigan. He has 36% support which is significantly higher than any other of his rivals. Ted Cruz has only 23% while Marco Rubio clocks at 13%. John Kasich will have to be satisfied with 21% support in Michigan. Ben Carson, who officially dropped out of the race on Friday, has 1% support in the poll due to voters who already cast their ballots. Donald Trump is expected to dominate among both lower and higher income voters.

Monmouth Poll predicted another landslide victory for Hillary Clinton. According to the poll, she currently holds a 55% to 42% lead over Bernie Sanders in the Michigan Democratic primary.  Clinton enjoys a firm edge among non-white voters, 68% to 27%, who make up more than one-fourth of the likely electorate.  From the very beginning the non-whites had been a great source of support for Hillary Clinton and Michigan is not going to upset her according to the poll. Bernie Sanders has a better luck with the white voters of Michigan but that luck is not enough to charm the Hillary camp. With a 49% support among the white voters, Hillary still holds a marginal lead. Sen. Sanders has 48% white voter support. Clinton has a 57% to 40% lead among voters who earn less than $50,000 a year, and a 54% to 42% lead among those who earn $50,000 or more.  Bernie has better chance with the young voters even in Michigan. But According to the most of the polls in Michigan, he is going to lose the state to Hillary Clinton. 

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