ISIS sympathizer attacks woman at work in US

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The beheading incident occurred on September 24, 2014. A man attacked two female employees at Vaughan Foods, a food processing plant in Moore, Oklahoma. He beheaded Colleen Hufford with a knife, while Traci Johnson, another employee was stabbed and critically injured.

The suspect is 30-year-old Alton Nolen who was fired from the plant just before the attack. He went home to get a knife and placed it inside his shoe. He drove back to the plant's main distribution centre and attacked Colleen Hufford from behind with the knife, slashing her throat and beheading her. Then, he slashed the throat and face of Traci Johnson, intending to behead her as well, before being shot in the arm and stomach by Mark Vaughan, operating officer at Vaughn Foods and an Oklahoma County reserve deputy. Alton Nolen was charged with first-degree murder and assault with a deadly weapon. 

Nolen was earlier charged for assaulting a police officer. He was sentenced to five years but released in two years for good behaviour. It was in prison that he converted to Islam. The reason for the murder was that he had been trying to convert some people at work to Islam. Traci Johnson had an altercation with him. His Facebook posts were related to Islamist interests and often featured photographs of Osama Bin Laden, Taliban fighters and September 11 attacks.

Many media outlets debated whether Nolen’s recent conversion to islam, posts on social media, and his kinship for radicalized revolutionary causes were being minimized. It could have been a motive for the attack. The prosecutors believed that Nolen was obsessed by the idea of beheading. The question often asked is: Is this the first “lone wolf” terror attack in America?  



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