Flint, Michigan water crisis - Courage award to Doctor and woman

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Women are capable of doing great things, especially when they feel that their loved ones can be affected. This was the case of a doctor and mother of two from Flint, Michigan who discovered that the water was not safe for the population. She fought to make her voice heard and she probably saved many people by her actions.

Dr. Mona is a pediatrician, and after she treated hundreds of children, she discovered a pattern. The blood of the children contained high levels of lead, and after investigations, she realized that this was due to contaminated drinking water. The water system of Flint was old and the pipes were affecting the quality of the water. The doctor made a public pledge and she asked the people to stop drinking it, but many people opposed her because it would mean a very expensive refit of the city’s public water system.

Although she was attacked from every side, she did not give up. She started a public campaign and she made sure that every parent in the city knew how dangerous the drinking water was. Eventually, the government had to take action and the old pipes were cleaned and changed.

This year, Dr. Mona will be awarded the Freedom of Expression Courage Award for her actions. She believes that people need to take stand up for what is right and not bow down to political pressure.

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