Trump Lifts Ban on Importation of African Elephant Parts

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The U.S. Government lifted the ban that disallowed African elephant parts being imported to the USA. This ban was created by Barack Obama to protect African elephants from getting killed with no regulation in Zimbabwe and Zambia. 

The Trump administration argues that the hunting of elephants can, at some point, help conservation efforts.  

Back in 2014, Barack Obama banned the importation of trophies from Zimbabwe since the country was not taking care of the hunting management and that their efforts did not "enhance the survival of the African elephant the wild".

As one might expect, conservation groups, the day after the announcement was issued, decried the decision.  

"I'm shocked and outraged," Elly Pepper, a deputy director of the National Resources Defense Counsel, said in a phone interview. "I expect nothing less from our president, and if he thinks this is going to go down without a fight, he's wrong."

“Put big game trophy decision on hold until such time as I review all conservation facts,” Mr. Trump tweeted. “Under study for years. Will update soon with Secretary Zinke. Thank you!”

The Humane Society described lifting the ban as "jarring".   "Evidence shows that poaching has increased in areas where trophy hunting is permitted,” said chief executive Wayne Pacelle. 

“Remember, it was Zimbabwe where Walter Palmer shot Cecil, one of the most beloved and well-studied African lions that was lured out of a national park for the killing. Palmer paid a big fee even though it did irreparable damage to the nation’s reputation.

However, the good news is that, after many groups protested and finally brought some sense to the President, the ban has been placed again.    

No one is sure why the President changed his mind, but many conservation groups seem to be very pleased about it. The White House argues that hunting elephants would bring money to local communities. 

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