Santiago Maldonado of Argentina is missing

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Santiago Maldonado is just 28 years old was last seen at the indigenous-rights demonstration in Patagonia last month. The social media channels in all of Argentina are bursting with messages from angry and frustrated people who want to know the whereabouts of Santiago. At a recent talk show, the national security minister stated the police or the government were not involved in his disappearance. However, eyewitnesses have another story to share. Witnesses confirm that Maldonado was last seen with the police and then he vanished without any trace. How is that possible? That's what the people of Argentina want to know.


The country is known for its militia dictatorship. Maldonado isn't the first activist to go missing. Over 30,000 people have vanished without a trace in the brutal era of the 70’s and 80’s. The national security minister has urged people not to confuse Maldonado’s disappearance with any military or government agenda.


This is what happened on the day Maldonado disappeared, according to speculators.


Border police came to the protest which was actually just a roadblock on the main road. There was a confrontation and a witness claims Maldonado and another protester started running from the police towards the river. This was happening at the same time that police were firing at them. The guns had both real and rubber bullets. Maldonado was sitting on a tree and did not cross the river. This was where he was last seen.


Many witnesses have not agreed to testify or come to court out of fear. This is not helping the investigation at all.


All this month, there were more protests that demanded the whereabouts of the activist Maldonado. Some protests like the La Plata turned violent.


Maldonado’s family believes he was a supporter of the cause and wants him to return safely back home.


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