Obama's Plan for Illegal Immigrants Denied by US Supreme Court

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The US Supreme Court voted against Obama's plan for illegal immigrants. This is the result of a tie decision, the 4-4 ruling that favored those states which have expressed disapproval of the president's plan to provide deportation pardon to millions of illegal immigrants.

The justices only had to make a one-sentence opinion in order to convey what seems to be a major predicament for the Obama administration. The decision is believed to have an essential effect on the upcoming presidential election where programs for the immigrants play a vital role. Obama immediately reacted and said that the decision was very disappointing. The president expressed frustration on behalf of those who are aiming to grow the economy. He also stated that the decision does not seem to be a sound judgment to change the negative effects in the country's immigration system.

Obama said he feels for those immigrants who have made their lives in the US. He believes that these people only want to raise their families in America and to land a good job. He stressed that these individuals could have been given the chance to serve in the military, pay taxes, or contribute in making the country more progressive.

As Obama tries to justify why the decision is appalling, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton stated that, while the decision can be a major setback to the Obama administration, many believe this depicts that the powers and rule of law are still separated.

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