Four climbers die on Everest in four days

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Mount Everest, the ultimate attraction to the many that want to take up the challenge of reaching the top, has claimed four more lives in four days, from May 18th to May 22nd. These four deaths mark the first of the 2016 climbing’s. This mountain is known for drawing in and killing many attempted climbers. The mountain itself offers many treacherous perils in the forms of extreme weather, wildly difficult terrain, and severe altitudes that quickly wear on those that dare to challenge it. While many do make it to the top, Everest is no stranger to taking the lives of climbers and enthusiasts, and has taken up to 16 in one single day.

Beginning Thursday, the unfortunate and sudden string of deaths has been suspected to have been caused by a heart attack, a fall, and altitude sickness. Not only do the weather conditions complicate the climbing process itself, largely leading to these fates, it also heavily disrupts search and rescue operations, even making things too dangerous for helicopters. With this disruption, climbers can be caught unable to continue, yet unable to be retrieved. An even worse trait of these severe weather conditions is the speed at which the weather deteriorates; weather in the oxygen-light environment alters in minutes and can ambush climbers. In combination, these challenges heighten the already rigorous journey and absolutely must be considered by any future climbers. With the weather so erratic, delaying your trip will likely save your life.



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