Cameron resigns after Brexit vote

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The vote heard around the world has left Britain in a state of disarray.

Brexit, the chosen name for the British exit from the European Union, has surged largely out of nowhere, and stands to leave Britain in the dark and without the Prime Minister that led them there.

In response to public outcry, votes, and protests, David Cameron has announced his resignation from his position as Prime Minister of Britain. Not only did Cameron oppose the vote to leave the EU, but declared the country needed what he referred to as “fresh leadership.”

Cameron has held the office since 2010, when he became the youngest to assume the role since the early 1800’s. Just 6 years later, Cameron has resigned in the midst of a huge divide within the UK. Officially the resignation has not yet been actioned, but its inevitability and immediate nature paint a very unfortunate picture as the decision was made hardly a day after the voting results had been announced.

Cameron was largely held accountable for the vote, as many suggest it was done in order for the former Prime Minister to keep his office. Cameron himself supported remaining with a revamped European Union, but merely opened the door to a nasty split of the UK populace, and an internal struggle that threatens to have severe external ramifications spanning from borders to trade relations. In fact, just in the wake of the vote alone, the pound has dropped significantly in value. This downturn does not bode well for economic status in the immediate future, let alone in the longer term.
Cameron’s move to resign is seen by many to be escaping, and by others to be an honorary passing to what Cameron himself dubs “fresh leadership”. Regardless of opinions, the move stands to severely impact the UK moving forward.

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