Ex-lawyer guilty of soliciting murder of his manager

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In one of the more bizarre cases of recent years, former lawyer Paul Andrews of San Antonio, Texas received a 10-year sentence after pleading “no contest” for soliciting a client to murder his own manager, Maryann Uribe. The attempted arrangement of the hit, something so extreme and evil, also followed a charge of battery to Andrews, though this was later dismissed for lack of supporting evidence. Despite the heinous accusations presented, Andrews managed to stay positive, stating “I’ve learned something, that when you lose everything that is important, somehow God opens your eyes to what is really important.” This sudden invocation of religion here is placed somewhere along the spectrum between disgusting and inspiring, solely hinging on one’s belief in the success of rehabilitation via prison, and the perceived authenticity of Andrew’s supposed remorse for his actions and choices.


One only hopes that this change in mindset is a real one, but crocodile tears and sentiments are no rarity to the courtroom, and are certainly something to worry about and consider. Further darkening the situation, Uribe herself has described a lack of resolution with the issue itself, along with the fear she feels stems from it. Uribe has undergone an active fear of the attempted hit still being executed, feeling that Andrews was not alone in this sentiment and plan. She pleads with law enforcement to look back into the case, and has claimed that “The only thing that will bring me peace is if he contacts the DA’s office and says, ‘I’m ready to talk about the others who were involved.”


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