Curry house owner guilty of manslaughter after customer dies

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After the unfortunate death of Paul Wilson from food containing peanuts at Indian Garden, Mohammed Zaman, the owner of the restaurant, has been found guilty of manslaughter by the Teesside Crown Court. Wilson’s parents reacted as one would expect to the news of their son’s demise. Paul’s father, stated, “I felt robbed that I won’t share the rest of my life with Paul.” Extremely powerful words that shed a very personal light on the already deep tragedy. The order itself had been taken and labeled with Paul’s request to have no peanuts in the curry, but the mistake was made and anaphylactic shock took away a life in a matter of moments.

One could see Zaman’s six-year sentence as an unfortunate outcome to a simple mistake, except for the fact that he has been reported to visibly lack remorse for the incident. Detective Investigator Shawn Page states that Zaman had a “...lack of compassion and understanding about what he’s actually done.” With this information public, it seems difficult to side with Zaman and hard not to see the sentence as entirely deserved. What boils down to a mistake, also stems greatly from spending cuts Zaman implemented in his restaurants recently. These cuts reduced staff vigilance for safety concerns, things that could very well have directly related to or even caused the mistaken addition of the peanuts creating a situation for one of the most deadly food allergies. While one shouldn’t take outside judgments for totally perfect reads of character and intention, the stacking of evidence is hard to ignore in what is a truly unfortunate incident.



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