Charges Dropped Against Trump Aide

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The recent charges in Florida against top Trump aide, Cory Lewandowski, have been officially dropped. Lewandowski’s defence was shaky at best, but authorities determined that there was enough evidence to suggest he just had a knee-jerk reaction to what he thought might be a threatening gesture by reporter Michelle Fields.

Following a rally on March 8, Fields stepped out of the designated press area to ask Trump a question, making physical contact with the Republican front-runner. In response, Lewandowski grabbed her arm and forcefully pushed her away. Shaken, Fields soon after filed a police complaint, complete with photos of the bruises left on her arm.

Trump took to Twitter, showing no lack of support for his aide, although it may have been better for him to have gathered all of the facts before making bold assertions of his aide’s innocence. Initially, both Lewandowski and Trump claimed no physical contact was made between the aide and Fields, but later video surveillance supported Field’s claims. However, while the tapes clearly showed that he grabbed her arm, it was not discernible how forceful the encounter was.

Prosecutors are unhappy with the ruling, arguing that if Secret Service, whose job it is to protect Trump, did not perceive a threat, clearly Lewandowski did not need to intervene. Of course, this is just one of many controversies that have surrounded Trump, who is well on his way to receiving the Republican presidential nomination later this year.


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