Former Illinois Governor Blagojevich sentenced

Rod Blagojevich, former Illinois governor, was sentenced on Tuesday, August 9. He was charged with a variety of corruption acts including trying to sell Barack Obama´s Illinois US Senate chair. The sentence was first announced as 14 years but was upheld after Blagojevich’s lawyer’s…

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Punta Gorda, Florida is Scene of Deadly Mishap.

Over the past few days, Punta Gorda Florida has hit the news for various reasons involving the loss of lives. Earlier in the year, a passenger was run over and killed by a truck, and most recently, a civilian was shot by a police officer during a gun demonstration. In the first accident which…

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Jury Recommends Life Sentence in Andrew Schmuhl Case

The jurors in Fairfax County, Virginia issued a statement recommending two life sentences on top of 98 years imprisonment for Andrew Schmuhl. The jurors believe this is what the lawyer has to pay for the stabbing attack he committed on his law firm partner and wife. Leo Fisher, the managing partner…

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Gary Oliva Arrested in Ramsey Child’s Murder

Gary Howard Oliva, aged 52, is currently been held in the Boulder County Jail after he was charged in court for sexually molesting and exploiting a child named JonBenét Ramsey. Howard was arrested by Boulder Police Department, the same agency that has been trying to decipher what happened to…

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Ex-lawyer guilty of soliciting murder of his manager

In one of the more bizarre cases of recent years, former lawyer Paul Andrews of San Antonio, Texas received a 10-year sentence after pleading “no contest” for soliciting a client to murder his own manager, Maryann Uribe. The attempted arrangement of the hit, something so extreme and…

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Curry house owner guilty of manslaughter after customer dies

After the unfortunate death of Paul Wilson from food containing peanuts at Indian Garden, Mohammed Zaman, the owner of the restaurant, has been found guilty of manslaughter by the Teesside Crown Court. Wilson’s parents reacted as one would expect to the news of their son’s demise.…

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Georgia Psychiatrist Guilty of Murdering 3 Clients

Dr. Narendra Nagareddy, a psychiatrist from Georgia was found guilty of three counts of felony murder as well as unauthorized distribution of pain medications to patients. It is estimated that at least 12 of his patients lost their lives after taking more than the recommended dosage of these…

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Karla Homolka free and living in Quebec

When we hear about serial killers, we don’t want to think that they are among us. We imagine them as people we see on television, but sometimes they live in the same neighborhood with us and sometimes we have no idea. This is the case of Karla Homolka, who is apparently living in Quebec after…

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Textalyzer allows police to view phone use before an accident

Texting while driving has become a huge issue for road safety, to the point of massive media campaigns being released to encourage drivers to keep their eyes on the road. In legal situations, however, it can be difficult to prove a driver was in fact texting at a key moment. A company called…

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Is it legal for police to use device to find cellphone positions

Technically, it is legal for a law enforcement agency to track a person’s movements via their cell phone. In fact, if there is a court order, they can access messages, conversations, names, and phone numbers. The police are using what is known as StingRay devices to track cell phones. There…

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Charges Dropped Against Trump Aide

The recent charges in Florida against top Trump aide, Cory Lewandowski, have been officially dropped. Lewandowski’s defence was shaky at best, but authorities determined that there was enough evidence to suggest he just had a knee-jerk reaction to what he thought might be a threatening gesture…

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Asylum seekers plead with Clinton to not be deported

Donald Trump has gained momentum within his campaign by threatening to deport millions of illegal Mexican immigrants, in addition to building a wall on the American border that would cost billions. While this has received a great deal of attention, there are different types of illegal immigrants…

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FCC fraud investigation of

Corruption is present in all nations of the world and the US is not an exception. The FCC is now investigating a California cell phone company that is suspected of defrauding the federal Lifeline, otherwise known as the “Obamaphone” program. The agency, however, announced the expansion…

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Dakhlalla & Young plead guilty and are held in Mississippi jail

As evidenced by the recent shootings in San Bernardino and Paris, the war against ISIS is not isolated to only the Middle East, but has violent implications in Western countries as well. This is what makes combating ISIS so difficult; in other wars, the fight would be against a specific country or…

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US Air Force veteran on trial for supporting Islamic State

Tairod Nathan Webster Pugh is a U.S. Air Force veteran who has been charged with supporting and trying to join the Islamic state. He was born and raised in the United States. He is charged with the attempt to provide arms and ammunition and other material in support of the militant group. Pugh…

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GOP leaders and Obama deadlocked over Obama's choice for Supreme Court Judge

The court has dealt with more than 80 cases each term under Judge Scalia who recently passed away. There is no policy or any law as to how cases are to be finalized should the presiding judge pass way. In this case, the new judge would continue to hear arguments and make decisions accordingly.…

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Two Pennsylvania Bishops concealed hundreds of sexual abuse cases

The Catholic Church received another round of negative publicity in regards to sexual abuse towards minors, as a grand jury found that hundreds of children were abused over the course of 40 years within the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown in Pennsylvania. Fifty individuals associated with the church…

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In many ways, the internet has made dating much easier. “Try to meet someone at a bar” is no longer a standard, making way for people to filter potential relationship partners based on interests, preferences and a host of other categories. Unfortunately, this shift in dating patterns…

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Aubrey McClendon indicted for oil price rigging and dies in car crash day after indictment

On March 1st, energy executive Aubrey McClendon was charged with conspiracy. This was based on him buying up gas fields in an attempt to drive down the prices for energy leases. A day later, he died in a car crash. Authorities have not gone so far as to declare it a suicide, but the nature of the…

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Apple attorney to testify before House Judiciary Committee

The balance between security and liberty has become an issue at the center of our political discourse since the events of 9/11. The Patriot Act came under scrutiny when first introduced, extending the government’s ability to tap into private information in the interest of national security.…

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  • Former Illinois Governor Blagojevich sentenced

    Rod Blagojevich, former Illinois governor, was sentenced on Tuesday, August 9. He was charged with a variety of corruption acts including trying to sell Barack Obama´s Illinois US Senate chair. The sentence was first announced as 14 years but was upheld after Blagojevich’s lawyer’s…

  • Punta Gorda, Florida is Scene of Deadly Mishap.

  • Jury Recommends Life Sentence in Andrew Schmuhl Case

  • Gary Oliva Arrested in Ramsey Child’s Murder

  • Ex-lawyer guilty of soliciting murder of his manager