Road rage victim in Burnaby, B.C.

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Josh Craig and his girlfriend are the latest victims of road rage in Burnaby, British Columbia.

They are not the first victims of road rage in this region, but they definitely are the first ones to speak up about the attack.


When 20-year-old Josh’s girlfriend made a slow left turn, this angered the driver behind them, which resulted in extreme road rage.


When they found out that they were being followed by four men, they ran to their neighbour’s house for help. Josh only made it to the porch where he was bean repeatedly on his head. It was Ginger Sedlarova’s porch where Josh tried to take refuge. She was awakened by heavy pounding on her door. She saw four men attacking Josh with pots which lasted for 5 minutes.


She saw him “lying there with his legs pointed up my stairs and the rest of his body against the concrete, bleeding and groaning. I'm amazed he can even walk. He was oozing blood like crazy."


She called the police and they found his girlfriend hiding near a car park. She was not injured during the attack. Josh was taken to Vancouver General Hospital where tests revealed his injuries were not severe.


Josh later returned to the Sedlarova house to apologize for all the commotion. Josh stated that the response from the public has been mixed as people don’t know the facts.


Police started an investigation and released photographs of four suspects involved in the attack. The assailants are still at large.


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