Ohio Governor Kasich’s Late Presidential Bid Announcement

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Ohio governor John Kasich announced his candidacy for the GOP nomination last Saturday. He said, “the experience and the testing — the testing which shapes you and prepares you for the most important job in the world.”

While addressing his cheering supporters at Ohio State University, Kasich tried to depict himself as a common-sense Midwesterner and promised to ‘fix a broken Washington.’  Mr. Kasich is the 16th prominent Republican to enter the GOP nomination race. Ohio has always been a critical state for presidential candidates. John F. Kennedy was the last president to make it to the White House without winning Ohio.

“The Lord wants our heart to reach out to have-nots,” said Kasich. “The Lord will record what you have done for another in the Book of Life.”

Many say that he meandered in his 43 minute-long speech, as he emphasized the importance of faith and empathy. He kept saying, “I’m just a flawed man trying to be God’s messenger.”

Unlike other GOP contenders, Mr. Kasich avoided attacking Obama. He rather talked about his hard-working, simple family, and his strong-willed mother and father, a former mailman. He said his parents inspired him to aim high.

Reminding his supporters of his achievements, Mr. Kasich designed to paint himself as a ‘fierce cost-cutter.’ He claimed to have more experience in foreign policy than any other contender. He was on the House Armed Services Committee for 18 years.

Kasich mentioned the ‘Ohio Story’ of recovery in his long speech. In 2010, when he took on the role as governor of Ohio, the state was $8 billion in the red. Today, it has a surplus of $2 billion. He also did not forget to mention the 350,000 jobs in the workforce and $5 billion tax cuts.

Mr. Kasich has launched his presidential bid late and according to RealClearPolitics, a Chicago-based pollster, Kasich has 1.5% nationwide votes, placing him 12th in the race. Ohio representative John Becker said “Some say that he is positioning himself for the vice presidency.” Being the governor of the populous swing-state of Ohio, he has the capacity to win the critical ticket for any GOP presidential contender.

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