Netanyahu names the new defense minister

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Far-right leaning Israeli politician Avigdor Lierberman has been declared as the replacement and new defense minister for the country. Ironic with the job concerned, the moments leading up to this change were of no peaceful order. Previous defense minister Moshe Yaalon announced intention to resign his position on May 20th. Yaalon cited personal and moral differences and issues with Israel’s Prime Minister, Binyin Netanyahu. Despite what Yaalon’s extensive military career might make one think or assume, Yaalon has been vocally against what he considers “...trends of extremism, violence, and racism in Israeli society,” a concept Yaalon feels has manoeuvred its way into the operations of the military itself. Yaalon hasn’t disappeared from Israel’s political landscape with this resignation however; he has simply risen in opposition to Netanyahu and his position as prime minister. Yaalon is not alone in his opposition to Netanyahu, in fact, Yaalon’s own replacement Avigdor Lieberman has claimed that Netanyahu is “a liar…” and “a leader who can’t make decisions.”

This line in the sand political climate has allowed for a very tense upper leadership for the country, in constant conflict beyond all other politics. The overall feeling is uneasy, and conflictive, but this doesn’t mean that the climate is too far gone, merely just that it has fallen into a confrontational state. With Netanyahu’s political maneuver, he hopes to retain his position as the Israeli government's strongest office, even when focused on by recently made foes. This new defense minister appointment has shaken up the inner workings, but Netanyahu hopes and sets out to retain his spot amidst the turbulence.


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