Clinton wins big in NY

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Due to her experience and decades of familiarity with the Democratic base, Hillary Clinton was considered all but a lock to win the nomination for the Presidency early in the process. Bernie Sanders emerged as her opponent, and thanks to his grassroots movement, became more of a viable candidate than most assumed. He even won a number of states, but Clinton enjoyed a lead for the entirety of the race. New York would end up being the state with a big showdown between the two.

The stakes were massive, as New York carries 247 delegates. Additionally, both candidates had a long history in the state. Bernie Sanders grew up in Brooklyn and has the accent to prove it. The Clinton family famously set up base in the state as Bill Clinton left the Presidency, and Hillary was elected to the Senate there.

Leading up to the primary, Sanders got massive turnouts for his rallies. Unfortunately for his campaign, this enthusiasm was not reflected in the actual voting. Clinton won the state by a larger margin than expected, with 58% of the vote to Sanders’ 42%. Because the state’s delegates are distributed proportional to votes, this gave Clinton 139 delegates to Sanders’ 108. 

Sanders had needed a strong win to keep pace with Clinton, not just in the delegate count but also perception of his viability moving forward. He has since won Indiana, but it’s clear he won’t be able to get the nomination. Clinton’s big win in New York is a top reason why.

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