Brexit vote could lead to Scotland separation

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Brexit, the term used for the British exit from the European Union, has left the United Kingdom in a state of disarray. As public outcry deepens the internal separation within the sovereign state, many are scrambling to uncover the ramifications.

Initial focus has concentrated on the state of Britain, as it incidentally led the charge of the vote. Along with the credit for the fault, British Prime Minister David Cameron has also announced his resignation, a terrible sign amidst the uncertainty. Great Britain will not be the only country affected.

For Scotland, conflict has arisen in regards to implementing the Referendum’s vote to leave the European Union. This is no surprise, as Scotland voted heavily to remain a part of the Union, by nearly two thirds of the vote. A tension exists of potential Scottish independence, something that has been discussed and assessed extensively in recent years. Brexit very well could be the first step to bringing about this separation as well, something that would profoundly affect the political scape of Europe overall, especially involving borders and trade.

Scotland as well has threatened to block implementation of the referendum, a manifestation of this underlying tension.
One thing is certain, though, Brexit has brought about chaos and confusion to all affected. Regardless of which direction the issue moves, a profound change is guaranteed while the rest of the world can only watch, learn, and adjust.

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