Four Democrats Launch Impeachment Articles Against Trump

Alleging that President Donald Trump has engaged in impeachable offenses, four house democrats introduced five articles of impeachment against him last Wednesday. Rep. Steve Cohen, who led the push, was joined by Reps. Al Green, D-Texas, Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill, and Adriano Espaillat, D-N.Y., stated…

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Sheriff David Jones Resigns his Post

Every once in a while, appears a no-nonsense police figure and one of the notable figures is former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Jones Jr. The 60-year-old handed in his resignation to George Christenson, the Milwaukee County Clerk. He gained national limelight when he emerged as a vocal Trump…

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China’s Warning to North Korea

For months now, North Korea has been ignoring calls by other sovereign countries not to launch missiles that are directed toward the U.S. China has now broken its silence and stated that it will not in any way support North Korea if it launches missiles threatening the United States. However, China…

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Sarkozy will run for President in 2017

Nikolai Sarkozy has announced his bid for President in 2017. Sarkozy plans to return to Parliament after being removed in 2012 by the now unpopular Francois Hollande. The former president has always expressed his desire to run for France’s presidency since his return two years ago to political…

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Road rage victim in Burnaby, B.C.

Josh Craig and his girlfriend are the latest victims of road rage in Burnaby, British Columbia. They are not the first victims of road rage in this region, but they definitely are the first ones to speak up about the attack. When 20-year-old Josh’s girlfriend made a slow left turn, this…

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Brexit vote could lead to Scotland separation

Brexit, the term used for the British exit from the European Union, has left the United Kingdom in a state of disarray. As public outcry deepens the internal separation within the sovereign state, many are scrambling to uncover the ramifications. Initial focus has concentrated on the state of…

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Democrats hold a sit-in

Shootings are always chilling for the citizens no matter where in the world they occur, but for the United States, the Orlando shooting of 2016 was shocking. The disaster left 49 dead, many more injured, and goes down in history as the deadliest mass shooting in the country. For many, the answer is…

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Netanyahu names the new defense minister

Far-right leaning Israeli politician Avigdor Lierberman has been declared as the replacement and new defense minister for the country. Ironic with the job concerned, the moments leading up to this change were of no peaceful order. Previous defense minister Moshe Yaalon announced intention to resign…

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NYC Police Sued for not Divulging Info on "Stingrays"

Secret cellphone tracking devices have been used by law enforcement agencies all across the globe for many years now to investigate crimes. According to documents made available by the New York Civil Liberties Union, it is estimated that the New York Police Department have used them when…

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San Jose brothers arrested and charged with double murder

Islamic terrorism has been at the forefront of the news again, following attacks in Brussels, Paris and domestically in San Bernardino. All of these attacks feature a pattern of violence inspired by an extremist interpretation of a religion. Recently, in San Jose, there was a murder within a Muslim…

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Clinton wins big in NY

Due to her experience and decades of familiarity with the Democratic base, Hillary Clinton was considered all but a lock to win the nomination for the Presidency early in the process. Bernie Sanders emerged as her opponent, and thanks to his grassroots movement, became more of a viable candidate…

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Disney & Sea World employees arrested in sex sting

In an operation dubbed “April’s fool”, at least 18 people were arrested suspected of child predation. This operation was a sting that took place from March 29 to April 4, 2016 and it involved central and state Florida Law enforcement agencies. The arrested men responded to ads…

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Trump still calling for Mexico to pay for border wall

Donald Trump has fashioned his Presidential campaign around bold statements and promises. None have gotten more press or created more polarization than his plan to build a wall on the United States/Mexico border. The plan is exceptional in two ways: first, the notion of building that big of a wall…

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Russian Warplanes Buzz US Navy Destroyers

Two incidents concerning Russian aircrafts have occurred in the Baltic Sea during the second week of April 2016. A Russian Su-24 closely surveyed the guided missile destroyer, the USS Donald Cook, (DDG 75) as the ship was operating in international waters on April 12, 2016. Defence officials…

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Jesse Sbaih told not to run for Congress because he is Muslim

With the recent ISIS attacks in San Bernardino and Paris, fear of radical Muslim terrorism is at a height not seen since the 9/11 attacks. This being an election year, it’s become a strong topic for candidates. Most notably, Donald Trump has run on an extreme position of keeping Muslims out of…

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Htin Kyaw Becomes President of Myanmar

Htin Kyaw was a successful and hardworking student in his early childhood, even in the later times; he completed his study after getting scholarships. When he was completing his Master’s degree, he started his career as a teacher and educated students. He has also studied computer sciences and…

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KKK Member David Duke Endorses Donald Trump

David Duke vehemently declared his support for Donald Trump. Mr. Duke believes that Donald Trump has authenticity and true eligibility to run for president as the Republican nominee. But David Duke’s declaration to endorse Donald Trump has trapped Trump into a new critical hullabaloo. Donald…

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Delta Files with the US Government to fly to Havana

Delta is one of the most admired and successful airlines in the US which provides travelling services to almost 180 million people every year. The company operates in more than 55 countries in 6 continents. The present headquarters of the company is in Atlanta, Georgia. The estimated number of…

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Hillary Clinton Pledges Half a Billion Solar Panels

Hillary Clinton has pledged the construction of half a billion solar panels if she wins the presidential election in 2016. She announced her goals in a video posted on her official campaign website. Clinton promises to achieve this goal of half a billion solar panels within four years of taking…

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Ohio Governor Kasich’s Late Presidential Bid Announcement

Ohio governor John Kasich announced his candidacy for the GOP nomination last Saturday. He said, “the experience and the testing — the testing which shapes you and prepares you for the most important job in the world.” While addressing his cheering supporters at Ohio State…

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$377 Million Raised For 2016 Election Already

Four years ago, it would have been hard to imagine that crowdfunding and fundraising would be as integral to politics as they currently are. In 2015, fundraising is among the most important milestones for deciding the country’s fate – already, more than $377 million has been raised from…

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20 Controversial Presidential Debate Remarks

Presidential debates have always been very serious and delicate venues for discussion. It’s an opportunity for hopefuls to voice their opinions, state their intent and convince the country that they are the best candidate for the highest seat in the house. However, politicians often take the…

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El Chapo Opens Door for Trump to Justify his Controversial Remark

Donald Trump’s controversial comment that “the worst elements in Mexico are being pushed into the United States by the Mexican government,” has recently sparked a loud controversy. He never dragged himself back from his “belief” that “the largest suppliers of…

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Obama Multiplies his Commutations to Record 89

President Barack Obama has recently commuted the sentences of 46 prisoners before his historic visit to a federal prison in Oklahoma. Most of the prisoners whose sentences he commuted are drug offenders. In a video posted on Facebook, Obama maintained that the punishment of the commuted prisoners…

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