Who Is Jeb Bush?

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Who is JEB?

With the announcement of his presidential bid, John Ellis Bush has become the third member of his family to run for the highest office of the nation. His nickname is actually derived from the initials of his name J.E.B.  Born in 1953, former Florida governor Jeb Bush is the son of 41st USA president George Bush and brother of 43rd president George W. Bush.  In his early life, Jeb earned a degree in Latin American affairs from the University of Texas and went to Mexico to teach English with an exchange program. He secured Florida’s governorship in 1998 and retired from the office in 2007 due to Florida’s prohibition on running for a third term.

Governor to Presidential Candidate

Jeb has always been engaged with certain political issues such as Common Core Standards and Immigration Reform. He has also been a candid backer of a national educational initiative.  He declared his interest in a presidential bid in 2014 and initiated an action committee. Jeb Bush emphasizes a unique presentation of himself. He has noticed what Mitt Romney missed during his presidential campaign in 2012: self-presentation. 

This presidential hopeful is on a mission to find a strong narrative. He strives to ditch the ‘born with a silver spoon’ image and designs himself as the man who builds his own nest. Jeb is courageous enough to create his own identity. In spite of being fortune’s most privileged son, he devised his own world by marrying a Mexican woman and establishing his own business and life in south Florida. He is also careful about differentiating himself from former politicians of “Bush Network.”

His Endeavor to Unify Republicans

Jeb has been trying to push through the internal party differences since he announced his presidential bid. He emphasizes the need to win the race together. Demanding the unity of Republicans, Bush said, "Put on your big boy pants and take it, you know, when someone doesn't agree with you.”

Recently, his remarks on the confederate flag (called it a ‘racist’ flag) have set him apart from the other Republican Candidates. Breaking the silence of the GOP presidential candidates, he said, “When I tweeted in support of taking down a widely recognized symbol of racism and white supremacy, I thought I’d fall pretty squarely in line with the other Republican candidates, fortunately I was wrong.” 

Jeb’s Mission and Priorities

He aims to ensure the ‘Right to Rise’ to elevate the income ranking on the basis of merit. He believes that the United States has the greatest opportunities than ever before. He vows to the American middle class to fulfill ‘American Dreams.’ Jeb Bush promises to trim down income inequality and transform the education system for a better future. He prioritizes likability and bipartisanship. He hopes to secure the votes of the people who do not traditionally vote for Republicans. 

He says, "Go campaign outside your comfort zone, campaign outside of the choir."  

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